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Same-day C-41 35mm Film and Disposable Camera Processing!

We offer high-quality C-41 film development and negative scanning using Fujifilm's advanced technology and chemicals. You can choose to receive your photos printed onto professional C-type photo paper or via email.
Film Processing Prices

Develop Only $10.00
Develop + Scans $20.00
Develop + Prints 24 Exp $22.00
Develop + Prints 36 Exp $28.00
Scans + Prints 24 Exp Bundle $28.00
Scans + Prints 36 Exp Bundle $35.00
Scan @ Pro Res add on + $5.00

Scan Dimensions

Standard: 2400 x 3600 px - our default resolution, ideal for web use or printing up to A4/8x12”

Pro Res: 3600 x 5400 px - +$5.00 per roll, for that extra boost or printing up to A3/12x18”

Film FAQ

What is your turnaround time?

For same-day processing please make sure you drop off your roll before 2 pm. Links are emailed out at 5pm daily. If there are any delays we will let you know upon drop-off.

I am still waiting to receive my photos.

If you haven't received your photos please double-check that the email is not hiding in your spam folder before contacting the lab.

Why am I missing Photos?

To avoid blank frames, it is important to be aware of your lighting conditions. As a general rule, the flash should always be on when taking photos indoors, at night, or in shade.

Do I need a Dropbox account to access my photos?

No, we send out a separate link in the message section that you can copy and paste into your browser or share with friends.

What is your refund policy on blank rolls?

If your roll turns out blank you will receive a partial refund. A developing fee of $10 per blank roll will apply and you will be refunded the remaining amount.

Do you develop other types of film?

No, unfortunately at this point we only develop 35mm C-41 Film

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