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Passport and Visa Photos Made Easy

Did you know that passport and visa photo sizes are different in each country? It can be confusing, but thankfully, PhotoXpert can help you with any size or background colour you need! So, if you need a passport photo, you know where to go - PhotoXpert has got you covered!
Passport Photo Prices

Australian Passport Size $22.00
Other Country Passport Size $25.00
Infant/Toddlers $25.00
Digital Copy to DVD +$5.00

International Passport/Visa Photos

We have a variety of templates on hand and we can adjust to any requirements. If you have any concerns we recommend bringing in the application form with detailed photo specifications.

Infants and Toddlers welcome

We are experts at taking baby passport photos, all you need to do is make sure your baby is awake upon arrival. We recommend bringing the baby in a pram as we want the baby to be as comfortable as possible.

Come in Prepared

Some countries have specific requirements regarding clothing and accessories, so please make sure you are aware of them before visiting. To avoid any issues, we recommend not wearing white tops, hoodies, or any visible hair accessories.

No appointments required

Simply walk into our store, have your photo taken and your photo will be ready within 1 hour. Your photo will be printed on quality gloss paper. Matte is also available upon request.

Acceptance Guarantee

If on a rare occasion, your photo is rejected we can retake or make the required adjustments for no extra charge.